Monday, October 30, 2006

more macro

Justin, Heather, and I stayed after micro to keep working on this ridiculous assignment, anyways justin went and asked zimmerman about #2 using the math appendix to justify the investment function and zimmerman said that just taking the partial derivatives of i is not enough. Apparently we have to show this is a reasonable equation given the results from the appendix and keep in mind that the equation given is in log form and provides elasticities. Anyone have any ideas on what to do differently?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Study Group at Library

Hi, I don't know if this is working, but I just talked to Justin and were meeting at the library coffee shop at 7 -7:15 ish to go over Macro. Everyone is welcome to come.

Question on Micro: problem 1 part c: why would it be inefficient for the patent to be longer?

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I was thinking that perhaps a blog is really not the right format. I just created this as a blog because I knew it could be done easily. But if we had several ongoing discussions simultaneously this format might not be so great. When this occured to me I wondered if it wasn't possible to create a real message board for free and just as easily. Well, it was. Discuss.

Beth's question and a very brief tutorial.

There are little blogger buttons on the upper left and lower right of this page. They don't look exactly the same, but they both take you to a page where you can create new posts. That way, if you have a question, you can begin a new post and people can respond to your question with comments under that post. I suppose I should have said so earlier. Here's Beth's question:

Ok so I don't really know how this works but I'm hoping this gets posted...I was trying to work on the math homework and kept getting stuck on part (d) of each question (since each question asks us to do the same thing for different functions) anyways....what is a sufficient second order condition? and how can you tell if the choices maximize the function locally or globally? thanks

All right here are a couple.

a) Regarding question 1: I can get something that has all the same terms as eq2 above (note: z1 = zt and z2 = zt+1) by taking the ln of the profit equation ((9.10) in book) and solving for N. The only problem is it also has terms with 'I' and 'pi' in them. How do I get rid of those?

b) From question 3: what is the intuition for c going down when w goes up (eq4 above)?

c) If someone could give me a hint as to what the deal is with question 4, that would be great too.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Henry gets bored, makes new post.

Hey. Just thought I'd post something so the blog would'nt get stale. I have'nt done much homework tonight. I'll almost certainly get down to it tommorow. Then I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions to post.

For now I figured I'd post some links to some interesting stuff. I'm sure you're all really busy, but you can't work all the time, so here are some econ related diversions.

In my opinion, former treasury secretary Robert Rubin has a pretty good grasp on whats going on with the economy.

Ben Bernanke on the other hand, I'm not so sure about.

I think this makes pretty much every other discussion about our energy problems irrelevant.

Finally, here's an interesting perspective on business school.

I know that's a pretty random selection of stuff. But I had to come up with something to justify this post.

P.S. Oh yeah, I almost forgot this one.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm Not Quite Sure What to Do with This

I know it's probably too late. But if you have any suggestions they'd be appreciated.

Welcome to UconnEcon: The Blog

I was just working on my 314 Homework when I noticed that you can see who else is online on Vista. It gives you the option to send a chat invite to the other users. I tried to send one to Troy, who happened to be online, but it did'nt seem to work. Maybe it was my browser. Maybe Vista sucks (or maybe Troy just doesn't like me). In any case, I thought that it would be nice if we had a discussion forum. So I figured I'd create a blog and see if anyone would come.